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diploma, noun, [Gr. diploma, a paper folded double, a license, diploo, to fold, diploos, double.]

What is a diploma?

It is a certificate given by a high school, college, university, or professional organization, indicating that somebody has completed a course of education or training and reached the required level of competence.

Diplomas were originally made of sheepskin, as paper was not very durable and was difficult to create. The sheepskin was made paper thin and information was handwritten. Soon, parchment was used for the diploma and at the turn of the century, the diploma became bound in leather.

Diplomas used to be quite large, but it has become common to print diplomas on standard letter or A4 size paper.

Kennewick High School has made some major and some minor changes in diplomas through the years. Does your diploma resemble any of these?

Click on the pictures for easier viewing.

1951 Diploma

1953 Diploma

1960 Diploma

1966 Diploma

1969 Diploma

1989 Diploma

1960's Diploma Cover

1989 Diploma Cover

1996 Diploma
Not much different from 1989. The gold key on the bottom left side represents belonging to the Honor Society.

2006 Diploma.
No changes between 1989 and 2006

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